John Paul Thurlow

Cover art drawings by John Paul Thurlow.

via Art Sponge

05. Oct, 2011


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  • Chris

    Nice work. Bizarre enough to be interesting, but the pencil talent shows.

  • Chris

    For some reason, noses have always been a pain in the arse for me. You have it down. 

  • nachman

    this a very passionate painting. It reminds me of the dark times of world war 2. Viva la fuhrer!!!!!!!

    • Nachman

      yeahhhhhh that is viva la adam fuhrer! Creator and mastermind of the beloved PICDIT!!!!!! How great is he!!!!!! To have come up with such a fantastic blog that combines within it all the greatness of humanity and gay sex

      • nachman

        please disregard the above comments I’m a potato head